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When you donate, your VIP level: Bronze, Silver, or Gold gives you the perks listed with check marks. For example, if you donate for Gold VIP you will get all of the perks on this page, and on all of our servers.

When donating via PayPal, your perks are instantly usable on our servers. However you may have to re-connect to the server if you're on one while donating for your VIP perks to be activated in that server.

Bronze & Silver VIP are now FREE! Just add the server to your favorites & connect from your favorites to receive [SILVER VIP] perks!
Perks (Hover over perk for explanation.) $2 /month $5 /month $10 /month

All Server Perks

Advertisement Immunity
Rainbow Chat
Reserved Slot
!ks - KillStreak Maximizer
Vote Immunity
VIP Tag Next to Name
Trivia time set to 20 min

Idle/Trade Server Perks

!rainbowme - Fully body raindbow glow.
!tp - Third Person
!fp - First Person
Change Rate of Fire x1-3
+50% RTD Boost
15 Sec Auto-God Mode
Infinite Ammo

Saxton Hale & Freak Fortress 2 Server Perks

+50% RTD Boost
AFK Kick Immunity
Class Restrict Immunity
/ff2boss - Choose your FF2 Boss (Only in FF2)
!secondlife / !revive - Revive yourself once per round!

JailBreak Servers

!secondlife / !revive - Revive yourself once per round!
Class Restrict Immunity

Quickplay Server Perks

End of Round Humiliation Immunity

Choose your VIP level.

Bronze VIP
Silver VIP
Gold VIP

Acceptable formats:
STEAM_0:0:0000000{name} or {name}

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